A Little About Me

Chad Arnett:

Paid Search, Email, SEO, and Social Media
Driven by conversion
With over 10 years of experience planning and executing on social, paid and organic search, and email campaigns, I have learned how to shape customer acquisition to specific business goals.
Conversion Optimization
Boost your bottom line
All the traffic in the world means nothing if you aren’t achieving your business objectives. Every campaign–every result–can be improved upon.
Content Marketinng
The once and future king
Telling a compelling story is how companies connect with the customer and entice them to take action. Photos, video, and editorial content leveraged by multiple social and digital marketing channels is how I tell your story.
  • Adrenaline Chaser
    Jump from planes and swim below the sea

    “Dead by 30 or live forever” has been my motto for a long while now. Ask me what it means some time and we’ll talk about life philosophies.

  • Entrepreneurial Endeavors
    A start-up state of mind

    I think the “side hustle” is highly undervalued. I always enjoy working with or creating my own start-ups to keep my skills sharp and remain agile.

  • Team Leader
    Only as strong as your weakest link

    I’ve had the privilege to lead many teams across different disciplines. I’ve lead teams as large as 30 and worked with developers, designers, marketers, and ops managers to achieve impactful business objectives.

  • Total Nerd
    Far away galaxies, future societies, and Middle Earth

    I used to own TrekYourselfBeforeYouWreckYourself.com, built a business around it, and sold it off a few years ago. So yeah, I can geek out with the best of ’em.


With A Personal Touch

One of my greatest skills is strategically thinking about business objectives and determining a clear path forward while balancing the daily tasks required for successful execution. I can paint a strategic vision for my clients while laying out the specific steps we need to take to achieve their goals! That vision gets people excited about the direction and allows them to take ownership of the outcomes. I have been told my leadership style can be considered a player/coach, and I’d have to agree with the assessment. I’m always working to guide and mentor my team and clients to coax the best performance and deliver meaningful results. But I’m willing to jump into the trenches and work shoulder to shoulder if that’s what it takes to complete a project on time or deliver a specific result.